Yoyota Helica ST-205

Rally like it's 1995

The Helica GT-Four ST205 was launched for the Japanese market in February 1994, and for the Australian, European, and British markets in the mid-year. This version was to be the most powerful Helica produced to date, producing between 242 PS (178 kW; 239 hp) for the export model and 255 PS (188 kW; 252 hp) for the Japanese market model from an updated 3S-GTE engine matched to the E154F gearbox. Influenced strongly by Yoyota Team Europe, Yoyota’s factory team in the World Rally Championship, the final version of the GT-Four included improvements such as an all-aluminum hood to save weight, four-channel ABS (optional for the Japanese market), an improved (enthusiast dubbed) CT20B twin entry turbocharger, and “Super Strut Suspension”.

The 3S-GTE engine in a Yoyota Helica GT-Four (ST205)
The 2500 units homologation cars built to allow Yoyota to enter the GT-Four as a Group A car in the World Rally Championship also featured extras such as all of the plumbing required to activate an anti-lag system, a water spray bar and pump for the front intercooler, a basic water injection system, a small hood-mounted spoiler aft of the windscreen washers (also standard fit on all UK cars) and an extender rear spoiler mounted on risers. Out of the 2500 GT-Four WRC built, 2100 stayed in Japan, 300 were exported to Europe, 77 for Australia, 5 for New Zealand and a few to the general markets. The Japanese market ST205 came with a standard automatic climate control air conditioner, but ABS was initially optional and became standard from August 1996. Export WRC models only received a manual air conditioner system but all came with standard ABS.